Nueva app de Kidmons disponible para Android

Nueva app de Kidmons disponible para Android

Kidmons ofrece una nueva app para Android con todos los juegos de su web para niños.

2016-03-16 11:03:00

this way kids won’t be able to leave until their parents (or the adults looking after them) allow it. It's also a great way to protect your phone from the often dangerous curiosity of our little ones!

The Kidmons app offers children a whole world of fun and entertainment, but they will also be learning and discovering new things. Kids will have access wherever and whenever they want to play educational games on any Android phone. The app makes accesibility a non-issue, since the only device needed is a mobile phone with an Android system. The games on offer are the exact same than those on the website, but with much more improved performance and quality

Thanks to the wide selection of Kidmons games even the youngest children will be entertained. Music games for a future Beethoven, puzzles and memory games to put their little brains to work, painting and drawing games to let their inner artist grow… A great choice for kids from 3 - 4 years old to 8 – 9.

The games of this app are a hoot, but also highly educational. Puzzle for Kids: Safari will help children learn new animal names and how to spell words. The classic Simon Memorize game will teach kids to concentrate and to listen and look closely — their observation skills will improve as much as their memory.

Parents only need their Android phones to keep their children entertained for a while — and they just need to download the app and start playing games with them if they want to spend some quality time together. Furthermore, since nowadays we always carry our cell phones with us, this app is a great convenience to use (even for adults) in your downtime or when you need your children to be quiet.

Download the app for Android right now!